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October 07, 2015

 Emu Loader v7.9.3 Released

More bug fixes. Go here for more info:

Posted by CiroConsentino at 07:59 PM | Comments (0)

 MAME Plus 0.166

Out the new MAME-Plus 0.166.
You will found here:

Posted by AntoPISA at 04:31 PM | Comments (0)

October 05, 2015

 MESSinfo 0.166

Update for 0.166 version, this is the web page for download: progetto-SNAPS MESSINFO.DAT.

Clean version with no additional files, can be found here: progetto-SNAPS Naked MESSINFO.DAT.
Important: From this version, the file should be placed in the "Dats" folder.
This is how information is displayed with MESSUI:

- 9.20 04/10/2015: Aligned files to 0.166 version. Updated this files: 'sourcechanges.txt', 'changelog.txt', 'alltimesMESS.txt', 'Drivers SVN...txt', 'supportedMEDIA.txt' and 'Index of Devices'. Updated the SVN until September 30, 2015 (r40959).
- 9.19 27/09/2015: Added other authors (97% right).

Posted by AntoPISA at 10:54 PM | Comments (6)

 Emu Loader v7.9.2 Released

More fix goodies!
go here:

Posted by CiroConsentino at 05:11 PM | Comments (0)

 Got A MAME Related Website Idea You Want To Create And Have Hosted On MW? Send Me A PM

See subject

Posted by Smitdogg at 03:52 AM | Comments (1)

October 04, 2015

 Catver.ini 0.166

The new catver.ini is here .

I'm not sure about the category of: 3lilpigs, dumpump, fidlstix, hoopshot, jackbean, piggypas and rndrndqs

Is "Electromechanical / Misc." the correct category?
Are they pinballs?
I didn't find info about them.


Posted by Janez at 05:21 PM | Comments (21)

October 03, 2015

 Haze: .166 Highlights

Posted by Smitdogg at 10:00 PM | Comments (1)

 Series.ini 0.166

A new version (for MAME Arcade 0.166) available here: pS Series.ini Page.

Entries RENAMED: (clubkrte) to (clubkrto), (clubkrtd) to (clubkrt), (hyprolymb) to (hyprolymba), (mbaa) to (mbaao), (mbaaa) to (mbaa), (meltyb)n to (meltybo), (meltyba) to (meltyb), (mushik2e) to (mushi2eo), (mushi2ea) to (mushik2e), (radirgy) to (radirgyo), (radirgya) to (radirgy), (ss2005) to (ss2005o), (ss2005a) to (ss2005), (vf4) to (vf4o), (vf4c) to (vf4), (vstrik3c) to (vstrik3co) and (vstrik3cb) to (vstrik3c).
Entries REMOVED: -
Series ADDED: Amazonia King.
Series UPDATED: Major League, Melty Blood, Golden Axe, Hang-On, Hard Head, Monaco GP, Oriental Legend, Out Run, Pac-Man, Point Blank, Ridge Racer, Rolling Thunder, Shinobi, Soul Edge, Tekken, Tetris, Track & Field, Wonder Boy.

Posted by AntoPISA at 09:16 PM | Comments (0)

 DU: What The Hell NeoGeo Cart

Bonky got a strange NeoGeo cart. I'm waiting to find out what it is, but it's something undumped. Haze thinks it might be a NeoPrint cart.

Update: Haze says definitely a NeoPrint cart.

Image: mvs.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 06:49 PM | Comments (4)

 Emu Loader v7.9.1 Released

You knew it was coming, right ?
Some minor fixes to fix a crash on a clean install.

Posted by CiroConsentino at 03:14 PM | Comments (0)

 DU: Final Fight Made Me Wanna Bruteforce My Gals And Pals

Bonky dumped Final Fight (USA 900424). Brizzo made a batch of one of Charles MacDonald's pal adapters and I got one and bruteforce dumped pals and gals from Dodonpachi, Dodonpachi DOJ, Ketsui, and ESP Galuda.

Posted by Smitdogg at 06:20 AM | Comments (1)

October 02, 2015

 Languages.ini 0.166

Ready and online the new version (0.48 for MAME 0.166) available here: pS Languages.ini Page.

* 0.48 0.166 02/10/2015: Added 0.166 sets.

Posted by AntoPISA at 10:41 PM | Comments (0)

 Category.ini And Version.ini 0.166

Ready and available the packages containing the files:

- Version.ini (for MAME - only arcade and full - and MESS + 'mess.ini' and 'arcade.ini')
- Category.ini (for MESS - only home and full)

aligned to the 0.166 version.

You can download inside the new renameSET.dat package, or separately at the same link.

Posted by AntoPISA at 07:11 PM | Comments (1)

 RenameSET.dat 0.166

Start to align the site to the new version;It is ready the new progetto-SNAPS renameSET.dat 0.166 for MAME Arcade and MESS.

* 3.43 2015/10/01: Added 0.166, update 'allMAMErenames.txt', 'renameSET.ini', 'addMAME' and 'addMESS', 'version.ini' and 'category.ini'.

Posted by AntoPISA at 07:10 PM | Comments (0)

 History.dat 1.66

The new updated history.dat is online:

Posted by AntoPISA at 09:12 AM | Comments (0)

October 01, 2015

 Emu Loader v7.9 Released

It's finally out! New version with tons of stuff and support for MAME software list games.
Make sure to read the news page, the change log and the tips on how to use software list games with EL forum.

Note that Emu Loader will no longer auto-create new games list at startup, unless it's clean install.
You must create games list manually from now on.

Posted by CiroConsentino at 10:54 PM | Comments (1)

 Flyer Fever Update: 1 Year Anniversary

Dark Mist - Seibu Kaihatsu (1986) [licensed to Taito]
Dokaben - Capcom (1989)
Dr. Micro - Sanritsu Denki (1984) [licensed to Roller Tron Corporation]
Geinohjin Sikaku Siken - Data East DECO (1985) [DECO Cassette System, aka Geinoujin Shikaku Shiken]
Hustle - Gremlin/Sega (1977) [licensed to Taito]
Ninjakun Majou no Bouken - UPL (1984) [licensed to Taito]
Ping Pong King - Taito (1985)
Rettou Juudan Nekkyoku Janshi: Higashi Nippon Hen - Video System (1988)
Space Attack - Sega (1979)
Space Bird - Hoei International, Inc. (1980) [clone of Space Firebird]
Stinger - Seibu Kaihatsu (1983) [licensed to Sigma Enterprises]
Yankee Boo - Funai (1983)

October 2015 update

I also scanned all of GregF's arcade flyers at 1280px res, including a Japanese flyer for Nintendo's Simulation System (1974). He asked me to host them for a limited time.
GregF's Arcade Flyers (111 mb)

~ Dan

Posted by Flyer Fever at 03:12 PM | Comments (5)

 QMC2 0.56

fix: corrected build on Linux x86 (32 bit) when using CFLAGS=-fPIC — see also bug tracker ID #115 (thanks to pullmoll)
fix: welcome dialog: make the file browser pre-select the executable file if it exists (minor)
imp: updated category.ini contributed by ASH to MAME 0.166
imp: updated redistributed Qt translations from Qt 4.8.7
imp: compacted the main GUI's layout to save vertical space for machine list views (memory indicator removed)
imp: updated the alternative system- and software-notes templates contributed by José Marcio Rezende Franco
new: about dialog: added memory info on Windows (system information tab)
new: QMC2 Arcade: added support for video snaps and a new back-end & CLI option to enable/disable it (-video on/off) — see also bug tracker ID #117
new: QMC2 Arcade: added new -fullscreen and -windowed CLI options to overwrite the stored setting
new: ROMAlyzer / check-sum scanner: added a 'cache' option which will speed up scanning enormously when enabled (consumes about 35 MB additional memory per 100K scanned objects, released after scan completion)
new: ROMAlyzer / check-sum scanner: added display of the scan timer during active scans

Posted by abelenki at 07:40 AM | Comments (1)

 MAMEUI64 .166 Released W/ Icons And Snaps

Posted by John IV at 06:25 AM | Comments (5)

September 30, 2015


MAMEUIFX 0.166 released.

Updated to MAME 0.166

* Changelog from 0.165:

- Nothing relevant to be mentioned

Have fun...

Posted by MAMEsick at 05:49 PM | Comments (0)

 Play Online Fruit Machines and UK Style Pub Slots!

You can now play online fruit machines and UK style pub slots online. These fruit machines are available at selected UK casinos.

Posted by josh01 at 12:00 PM | Comments (0)

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